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Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence

  • Providing guidance to clients on the risks and best practices related to adopting and integrating AI and generative AI into their technology stacks.
  • Advising a technology company on the development of AI technology, including risks to consider and mitigation techniques to implement.
  • Developing and providing training for an industry-specific interest group on AI risks and considerations. link: Essential Legal Must-Knows for Thriving in the Life Sciences Sector – Part 1 | Thompson Hine LLP
  • Developing and providing training to clients on AI-related statements in marketing and advertising.
  • Serving on the working committee of a mid-size company with offices in multiple countries to evaluate generative AI uses, develop policies to govern use, and deliver internal training programs for company employees.
  • Providing AI-related guidance tailored to the client’s specific industry and use cases, including advising on risks relating to data privacy, intellectual property, confidentiality, contracting and general compliance issues.
  • Guiding clients on factors to evaluate and steps to take to identify and manage the use of generative AI.
  • Advising Fortune 500 clients on the use of AI and generative AI within their businesses, including drafting internal corporate policies and developing internal training programs.
  • Drafting patent applications and prosecuting patents related to AI, including both new ways of using AI and new ways to implement AI (e.g., new neural network architectures).
  • Drafting patent applications and prosecuting patents related to machine learning.
  • Advising a women’s wellness startup on privacy risks, including restrictions around automated decision making and consumer health data, as it relates to AI.
  • Counseling an international manufacturing company on vendor management related to its use of AI and its impact on data security.
  • Conducting a data privacy transfer assessment of AI third party service providers.
  • Reviewing generative AI acceptable use policy for risk and liability under existing data and privacy legislation for various clients.
  • Advising clients on the use of AI as it relates to employment policies involving hiring, discipline, terminations, and promotions as implicated by labor laws subject to the National Labor Relations Board, and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, EEOC guidance, and other federal, state, and local laws.
  • Counseling clients in connection with contracts to be entered with vendors that supply AI for use in relation to employment practices, and related terms and conditions to consider to the extent entering those contracts to mitigate risk for clients and ensure compliance with applicable federal, state, and local laws.
  • Litigating cases that involve the alleged misuse of AI on behalf of clients as relates to employment decisions, including termination and failure to hire.

Nancy Barnes, Partner, Labor & Employment, 216.566.5578 or 312.998.4240,

Cassandra W. Borchers, Partner, Corporate Transactions & Securities, Investment Management, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, 513.352.6632,

Mark R. Butscha, Jr., Partner, Business Litigation, Antitrust, Competition & Distribution, 216.566.5897,

Matthew D. Coatney, Chief Information Officer, 937.443.6929,

Jennifer N. Elleman, Partner, Corporate Transactions & Securities, Contract Solutions™, 937.443.6927,

Courtney Flowers, Attorney, Corporate Transactions & Securities, 216.566.5728,

William T. Garcia, Chief Practice Innovation Officer, 202.263.4163,

Will M.Henry, Partner, Corporate Transactions & Acquisitions, 216.566.7077,

Julie D. Honor, Counsel, Corporate Transactions & Securities, Contract Solutions™, 312.998.4246,

Marla M. Izbicky, Counsel, Privacy & Cybersecurity, ESG Collaborative, 312.998.4253,

Jesse L. Jenike-Godshalk, Partner, Intellectual Property, Business Litigation, 513.352.6702,

Eugene Joswick, Partner, Intellectual Property, 404.407.3632,

Clint King, Senior Managing Associate, Intellectual Property, 404.407.3690,

Jamar T. King, Partner, Business Litigation, Government Contracts, 937.443.6852,

Matthew R. Kissling, Partner, Labor & Employment, 216.566.5586,

Jason D. Tutrone, Partner, Transportation, 202.263.4143,

Jonathon H. Vinocur, Partner, Corporate Transactions & Securities, New Ventures, 312.998.4243, 216.566.5722,

M. Scott Young, Partner, Labor & Employment, 513.352.6617, 202.263.4134,


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