The Dynamic World of New Ventures

We cater to the needs of entrepreneurs and funders alike with an approach, style and experience matching those of West Coast firms. Why choose us? In a phrase: economic efficiency. If you are West Coast-based, where rates are astronomical, you will receive comparable representation for a lower cost. If you are located elsewhere, then for the same cost as a more general corporate law firm, you will get the specialized counseling and experience that you and your business absolutely require.

We represent high-growth companies of all sizes in the technology, health care, life sciences, consumer products, media and medical devices industries, as well as the funders who invest in them. We guide clients throughout the growth cycle, offering customized counsel on day-to-day matters and advice on everything from formation to funding to exit.

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Representative Experience

The lawyers in our New Ventures practice have particular experience representing technology-based and high-growth businesses in fields such as:

  • Clean technology
  • Health care
  • Information technology
  • Life sciences
  • Media
  • Medical devices

Early stage and emerging companies have the same needs as every business. They must:

  • Organize
  • Capitalize
  • Protect their intellectual property
  • Manage and motivate their employees
  • Partner with suppliers and customers
  • Handle third-party disputes
  • Consider exit and liquidity opportunities

But as every entrepreneur and investor knows, the world of the early stage and emerging company is especially dynamic. They confront the issues every business faces, but they do so in complex and unique environments that demand legal solutions that are particularly:

  • Cost-sensitive
  • Efficient
  • Proportional
  • Quick
  • Value-creating

We understand this – and create those solutions every day. Well-versed in all of these legal issues, we are well-suited to provide counsel and know-how in a fully integrated cross-functional approach. Our QuickLaunch™ team helps new businesses get the traction they need to succeed.

We collaborate closely with our clients, in many cases as virtual general counsel. Relationships are important, and we make that investment through regular and meaningful interaction with our clients – we’re not just legal advisers, we partner with our clients to reach their objectives.

For more information, please contact Jonathon H. Vinocur or look for us at the next startup company or early stage investor event.