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food industry


Food & Beverage Industry

We have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Government regulations:
    We advise food industry clients on regulations issued by agencies including the FDA, USDA and EPA that govern the production, distribution and promotion of human and animal food products, including food ingredients, food additives, food contact substances and dietary supplements.
  • Greenwashing defense and litigation:
    We help companies develop practical, proactive strategies to limit exposure to greenwashing claims related to food and agricultural products and reduce the likelihood of costly and disruptive claims.
  • Class action defense:
    We have served as defense counsel in one-off class actions as well as groups of class actions filed in multiple jurisdictions, including matters consolidated into multidistrict litigation in federal and state courts and numerous federal courts of appeals.
  • Product liability, advertising and labeling:
    We advise on issues ranging from government regulations and advertising laws to allegations of contaminated, adulterated or misbranded food products. We have defended food labeling and ingredient-related class actions and personal injury matters alleging foodborne illness.
  • Labeling, trademark and other intellectual property issues:
    We prepare, prosecute and enforce patents, trademarks, copyrights and related technology agreements for food companies, allowing them to leverage their technology in a competitive and innovative marketplace.
  • Human rights issues:
    We work with food and beverage companies, many of which rely on international supply chains, to evaluate and implement effective strategies and compliance mechanisms to address the specific risks related to potential human rights abuses and use of forced labor.
  • Commercial agreements:
    We advise on a broad range of commercial contracts, including production, distribution, co-packing and co-manufacturing agreements.