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we’ll dedicate our entire firm.

To protect a company or brand, it’s not enough to hope a crisis won’t happen and then “manage it” if it does. Resilient companies take steps ahead of time, not only to be prepared, but also to protect their chances of mounting a successful response in the face of a disruption. Without thoughtful preparation, by the time a crisis occurs, it may already be too late to salvage the organization or its reputation.

Thompson Hine offers multidisciplinary proactive and active crisis management services. Clients rely on us to identify risks and help them prepare for worst case scenarios, so that their enterprises can withstand disruptions of any kind. We encourage clients to undertake a comprehensive business impact analysis (BIA), identify gaps and benchmark against industry standards and best practices, and then put measures in place to address those risks.

We also help organizations respond to crises and minimize the damage when a company’s brand, reputation or very survival is at stake. We quickly assemble the right team, no matter the type of disruption, to guide organizations through the response, stabilization and recovery phases.

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