"Innovation is critical for Thompson Hine to continue to provide predictable, efficient and transparent service to our clients."

- Debbie Read, Managing Partner

Deborah Read
Innovation Survey

Everyone knows innovation when they see it – that stunning moment when they recognize that a fresh idea has been yoked to a clever execution. We live in an age that demands innovation. Like it or not, prepared for it or not, the legal market is changing around us. But what innovation is actually taking place?

To gauge the state of innovation in the legal market, we decided to ask the one group most interested in better service and the least likely to be fooled by empty promises: corporate clients. We commissioned detailed surveys and interviews of in-house counsel and other senior executives at 176 companies. The resulting report, Closing the Innovation Gap, summarizes those findings. We invite you not only to download and share our findings, but also to participate in our Innovation mini-survey of the major themes covered in the report.

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