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water transportation


Water Transportation

  • Played instrumental role in achieving partial deregulation of the U.S. international ocean liner industry through adoption of OSRA.
  • Participated in every rulemaking proceeding initiated by the FMC to implement OSRA.
  • Drafted numerous ocean shipping service contracts for shippers and NVOCCs.
  • Participated in workshops and meetings to address international maritime policy arranged by the Maritime Transport Committee of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and The Comite Maritime International.
  • Arbitrated a charter party dispute regarding demurrage and cancellation charges.
  • Arbitrated a charter party dispute regarding cargo damaged in-transit.
  • Represented shippers and NVOCC in investigations by the FMC concerning compliance with the 1984 Shipping Act.
  • Drafted bills of lading.
  • Drafted barge transportation agreements.