"By encouraging us to plan transactions in advance with our clients, SmartPaTH provides the opportunity to explore efficient staffing, budgeting and timing strategies."

- Susan Cornett, Partner, Real Estate

Susan Cornett
Flexible Staffing

When appropriate, we explore staffing alternatives to control costs. High-profile or complex matters typically require more work by seasoned lawyers than routine projects or long-term engagements. We discuss options with our client to identify the most effective resources for each engagement or matter in the context of their budget, goals and internal capabilities. 

How It Works
  • We systematically assess, prioritize and allocate the legal work required to identify opportunities to manage costs without sacrificing results.
  • Using our proprietary budgeting tool, we can model different staffing scenarios and evaluate options.
  • When it makes sense, we utilize staff attorneys, contract attorneys or paralegals to minimize costs.
  • We also can help our client assess and coordinate in-house resources to handle parts of a matter.

We invite you to learn more about our flexible staffing capabilities. Email us at Innovation@ThompsonHine.com.

Thompson Hine
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