"Our MPM tools provide reports showing metrics for an entire portfolio as well as for each acquisition, piece of litigation or contract within the portfolio.”

- Bill Garcia,
Chief Practice Innovation Officer

Bill Garcia
Matter and Portfolio Management

When confronting a complex legal dispute or a multifaceted transaction, our clients tell us they expect not only exceptional legal counsel from their law firms, but also accountability and transparency so there are no surprises. That’s why we developed our proprietary matter and portfolio management (MPM) tool, which provides clients, in real time, with detailed, meaningful information about their matters that they can easily share with their internal business partners.

How It Works
  • Our MPM software tracks a matter (or a portfolio of matters) across a variety of metrics and measures progress against legal objectives and budget.
  • We are able to immediately provide reports on items such as a matter's current status or contemplated work plan.

To learn more about Thompson Hine’s MPM tool, email us at Innovation@ThompsonHine.com.

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