“Clients value our process-driven approach to drafting, negotiating and managing their contracts.”

           - Liz Blattner, Partner,
Corporate Transactions & Securities

Elizabeth H. Blattner
Contract Solutions™

Our clients regularly rank contract management as one of their highest and most time-consuming priorities. They are often tasked with managing hundreds or thousands of contracts, each with its own life cycle, level of complexity and compliance requirements. That’s why we developed Contract Solutions, a flexible approach designed to assist in-house counsel with all facets of contract management, from supporting a discrete contract review project to designing and implementing a comprehensive contract intake and administration process. Contract Solutions helps clients cost-efficiently manage risk and allows in-house counsel to focus on more important strategic priorities.

How It Works
  • After determining our client's needs, we assemble a team, typically composed of a senior attorney, contract administrator and one or more reviewing attorneys.
  • To ensure quality and consistency, we utilize a cohesive combination of robust proprietary and externally developed tools. We also offer electronic contract storage that is secure and searchable.
  • Real-time reporting ensures that our client always knows the status of an individual contract or an entire portfolio of contracts.
  • We offer a customized, comprehensive "playbook," which ensures consistent ongoing contract management, either by us or our client's in-house team.

To learn more about Contract Solutions, email us at Innovation@ThompsonHine.com.

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