SmartPaTH is our comprehensive approach to managing and delivering legal services to achieve efficiency, transparency and predictability without sacrificing quality. It is based on leveraging four major strategies – legal project management (LPM), process efficiency, flexible staffing and value-based pricing – to better align our services with clients’ needs.

Client Benefits

  • Increased predictability in amount and timing of legal spend
  • Unparalleled visibility into matter progress and budget
  • Better alignment of objectives and expectations
  • More efficient processes and more consistent work product
  • Reduced likelihood of surprises and cost overruns

SmartPaTH has been very well received by clients. Our many success stories include examples such as:

  • Developing custom task codes for a particular client’s portfolio of work, allowing our lawyers to see and analyze the cost outliers in the portfolio and then work with the client to modify work processes to eliminate them.
  • Through a well-managed work plan and efficient staffing, taking on a new portfolio of work for a client, allowing the client to decrease its internal headcount and reduce expected overall spend.
  • Developing and implementing a legal project management tool for a client’s in-house counsel to provide increased budget predictability and transparency, including when the client works with firms other than Thompson Hine.
  • Developing a streamlined work plan and trained group of firm lawyers to efficiently handle a high volume of sophisticated work the client initially planned to spread across three firms.
  • Utilizing our budgeting tools to provide a client critical information on anticipated burn rate for a litigation, which allowed the client to make strategic decisions regarding settlement.