"Thompson Hine is one of the first firms to adopt a data-driven approach that makes the legal work transparent to the client."

- Bill Henderson, Law Professor and Editor of Legal Evolution

Bill Henderson
Process Efficiency

We can draw from our decades of collective knowledge and experience to quickly design a strategy and propose the best course of action to achieve our client's objectives. By analyzing thousands of matters and transactions, we have identified commonalities and created tools and processes that save our clients time and money. However, we recognize that each matter is unique, so we designed them to be flexible and adaptable to the project at hand.

How It Works
  • We rely on an extensive (and growing) library of practice-specific toolkits, which contain template documents, forms, workflows, data-driven budgets, etc.
  • When appropriate, we seek to increase efficiency by mapping the workflow for an engagement to identify redundant steps, gaps and opportunities to streamline.
  • Reporting systems ensure that our teams are following the designated procedures and/or using the appropriate forms.
  • We share our support systems and technology options with clients to enhance the effectiveness of our work with them.

We invite you to learn more about how we ensure process efficiency. Email us at Innovation@ThompsonHine.com.

Thompson Hine
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