Our multidisciplinary timber law team includes real estate, finance, litigation, environmental, corporate and tax lawyers with significant experience in investor relations and operational ownership. Understanding a client’s business operations, goals and long-term strategies is our first order of business so that we can apply our collective experience and resources to best advantage and value for our clients.

Thompson Hine counsels clients in the timber, forest products and woody biomass energy industries on a number of issues, including:

  • Carbon credits.
  • Conservation easements.
  • Engineering, procurement and construction contracts.
  • Environmental and endangered species due diligence and compliance.
  • Forestland operations and management.
  • Hart–Scott–Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act (HSR) antitrust compliance.
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution.
  • Loan and security agreements.
  • Long- and short-term wood and fiber supply agreements.
  • Offtake agreements with end-user utilities.
  • Partnerships and joint venture agreements.
  • Port terminal agreements.
  • Purchase and sale agreements for timberland assets and forest products facilities.
  • Real property title due diligence and title insurance coverage.
  • Railroad, trucking and shipping transportation logistics.
  • Site selection.
  • Timberland management agreements.
  • Timber cutting and harvesting agreements.
  • Timber deeds and leases.
  • Wetlands mitigation banking.
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A small sample of our timber industry experience includes:

  • Representing clients around the world in connection with large sophisticated purchase and sale transactions involving a wide variety of legal and operational issues unique to timberlands.
  • Representing clients in connection with domestic and international forest products facilities.
  • Representing financial institutions in connection with solutions such as structured finance.
  • Advising high-net-worth individual and institutional (e.g., pension fund, REIT) investors in all aspects of creating and operating foreign and domestic investment funds.
  • Assisting clients in planning for exempt investors.
  • Counseling clients regarding depletion issues.
  • Advising clients in connection with pass-through vehicles.
  • Representing clients considering deferral opportunities.
  • Assisting clients with charitable contributions.
  • Representing clients in connection with land and timber allocations.
  • Advising clients regarding losses due to infestation and other natural causes.
  • Representing TIMOs in corporate and real estate transactions, capital formation and investment agreement negotiations.
  • Advising TIMOs regarding management and compliance matters.
  • Negotiating wood and fiber supply agreements, partnership agreements and asset acquisitions.
  • Preparing and negotiating supply agreements for energy plantations and biomass projects.
  • Counseling providers and owners of woody feedstock and operators of biomass energy facilities.

Thompson Hine counsels clients in the timber, forest products and woody biomass energy industries, representing a broad spectrum of clients, including:

  • Financial institutions and other lenders
  • Forest management companies
  • Institutional, governmental and private timberland investors and owners
  • Owners, developers  and operators of biomass pellet energy facilities
  • Paper and forest products companies
  • Real estate investment trusts (REITs)
  • Timberland investment management organizations (TIMOs)
  • Suppliers of woody feedstock