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  • Buy and sell broadcast properties, including contract drafting and negotiations, and assistance in securing financing.
  • Draft and negotiate network affiliation, advertising representation and programming agreements.
  • Negotiate talent and program syndication agreements.
  • Draft and file new station applications and applications for improved facilities of existing stations, including FCC electronic filings.
  • Obtain new and improved microwave auxiliary licenses for station clients.
  • Ensure station compliance with FCC rules and regulations and with federal and state laws in matters involving tower siting and registration, political and general advertising, children’s programming, station promotions and contests, ownership, equal employment opportunity and all forms of station recordkeeping.
  • Draft and file FCC license renewal applications.
  • Ensure cable and satellite carriage for television station clients.
  • Represent broadcasters in agency rulemaking and enforcement proceedings.
  • Offer bidding and other strategies for stations participating in FCC license auctions.
  • Guide clients on the digital conversion of television and radio broadcasting.


  • Assist corporate end-users on matters involving end-user domestic and international telephone services and rates.
  • Draft and negotiate telecommunications interconnection, resale and service agreements.
  • Advise telecommunications clients on strategic partnering, spectrum auctions and other state and federal regulatory matters.
  • Represent telephone common carriers and wireless clients in applications for licenses and certificates of authority, tariff matters and the resolution of complaints.
  • Counsel mobile radio clients, such as paging operations, conventional radio/telephone systems, business radio, point-to-point microwave and specialized mobile radio.
  • Assist industrial radio users on FCC licensing and compliance.
  • Represent clients in matters involving access to and rates charged for telephone/cable pole attachments.

Representative clients include:

  • Commercial and non-commercial radio and television broadcasters
  • Local and interexchange telephone companies
  • Lenders and other financial institutions serving communications markets
  • Corporations purchasing end-user telecommunications services
  • Communications-related wireless, wireline and technology-based businesses
  • Trade associations for telephone companies
  • Call center operations