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COVID-19: Exposure Litigation & Prevention


  • Defending a domestic automotive company against wrongful death claims related to a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak at one of its plants.


  • Representing as national counsel a food flavoring products manufacturer in hundreds of cases alleging lung injury due to inhalation exposure to food flavors containing diacetyl, 2,3 pentanedione and other ingredients.


  • Serving as counsel for more than 100 shipowners in approximately 40,000 maritime asbestos cases filed on behalf of merchant seamen, longshoremen and other maritime workers alleging pulmonary and other illnesses due to asbestos inhalation.
  • Representing numerous manufacturers in thousands of personal injury asbestos inhalation cases.


  • Defending property managers and owners, HVAC designers and engineers in numerous class actions and mass actions alleging that respiratory and other illnesses were caused by exposure to mold.

Vinyl Chloride

  • Serving as national counsel for many of the largest chemical companies and the industry trade association in more than 50 cases asserting wrongful death claims based on vinyl chloride gas exposure.

Welding Rod Fumes

  • Defending a major U.S. manufacturer against hundreds of claims alleging injury to welders and welders’ helpers due to exposure to welding rod fumes.

Other Respiratory Exposure Claims

  • Representing clients in more than 1,800 cases alleging harmful inhalation of silica dust.
  • Defending numerous maritime and industrial clients in cases involving airborne benzene exposure.
  • Defending against intentional tort claims based on inhalation exposure to cobalt dust during the manufacture of tungsten carbide tools.
  • Defending numerous clients against claims alleging respiratory illnesses due to overexposure to carbon monoxide, Lyme disease and MRSA.