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Our asbestos-related experience spans a wide range of matters, including:

National Litigation Counsel

  • Defending hundreds of shipowners in tens of thousands of claims involving the Jones Act and claims of unseaworthiness related to alleged asbestos exposure on commercial vessels.
  • Defending companies in connection with purported exposure to asbestos on commercial premises, including motor vehicle manufacturing facilities, refineries and chemical plants.
  • Defending companies accused of negligently exposing individuals to asbestos through their activities as outside contractors.
  • Defending manufacturers and suppliers in claims related to a wide range of products and component parts, including gaskets, clutches, brakes, blast furnaces and foundry equipment.
  • Defending an outside contractor/fabricator in claims filed in multiple jurisdictions related to alleged exposure of steel mill workers to asbestos through insulation materials.
  • Defending manufacturers of commercial equipment and equipment components against allegations of illness related to purported asbestos-containing components.

Advice and Counseling

  • Advising companies on asbestos regulatory requirements and best practices for mitigating risk of asbestos exposure in products and at facilities.
  • Advising companies on the risks associated with potential acquisitions of entities with historical asbestos product lines.
  • Advising companies on structuring and executing out-of-court restructurings to separate clients’ legacy asbestos liabilities from their operating businesses.
  • Overseeing strategy development for resolving a significant number of cases filed against a utility company in multiple jurisdictions related to alleged asbestos exposure at its facilities.