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We have represented clients in a broad range of asbestos causes of action. Examples include:

  • Defending hundreds of shipowners in claims pursuant to the Jones Act and claims of unseaworthiness related to alleged asbestos exposure on commercial vessels.
  • Defending companies in connection with purported exposure to asbestos on commercial premises, including motor vehicle manufacturing facilities, refineries and chemical plants.
  • Defending companies accused of negligently exposing individuals to asbestos through their activities as outside contractors.
  • Defending manufacturers and suppliers in claims related to a wide range of products and component parts, including gaskets, clutches, brakes, blast furnaces and foundry equipment.
  • Defending employers in relation to workers’ compensation claims arising out of purported exposure to asbestos in the course and scope of individual plaintiffs’ employment.

In addition, we advise companies on asbestos regulatory requirements and best practices for mitigating risk of asbestos exposure in products and at facilities. Moreover, we have experience advising companies on the risks associated with potential acquisitions of entities with historical asbestos product lines.