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Private and Corporate Philanthropy


Private and Corporate Philanthropy

Our services in matters of private and corporate philanthropy are comprehensive and include:

  • Assisting for-profit corporations in structuring internal and external charitable giving programs, including scholarship and relief programs for employees.
  • Working with individual and corporate clients to transfer and obtain income tax deductions for large liquid and non-liquid charitable gifts.
  • Assisting charitable entities in implementing and revising governance documents and policies.
  • Working with charitable entities to carry out complex national and international grants and loans to individuals and other charitable entities.
  • Assisting charitable entities with program-related investments.
  • Analyzing and solving unrelated business income tax issues for charitable entities.
  • Forming and obtaining tax-exempt status for wide-range of tax-exempt entities, including private foundations (operating and non-operating), public charities, supporting organizations, social welfare organizations, social clubs, trade and business associations and community foundations.
  • Assisting charitable entities in reclassifying their tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Protecting charitable beneficial interests in estate and trust administrations.
  • Dissolving operating and nonoperating charitable entities.
  • Coordinating merger of operating charitable entities.
  • Preparing fund agreement templates for community foundations and other charitable entities.
  • Assisting private foundations in navigating complex operating restrictions, including the self-dealing rules.
  • Advising charitable entities regarding compliance with the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act.