Thompson Hine is a market leader in the closed-end interval fund space, representing nine interval funds currently raising capital with three more in registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The interval funds that we represent have in excess of $3.24 billion in assets under management and represent some of the most notable names in the industry. Thompson Hine attorneys regularly counsel interval fund clients through the registration process and generally continue to represent them following their commencement of operations. Our attorneys have developed strong relationships with third-party service providers that represent most of the interval funds in the market through our representation of mutual fund families and alternative investment sponsors. Our ability to connect new sponsors with such providers separates us from our competitors and yields operational efficiencies. Our experience in the capital markets allows us to assist our interval fund clients with preferred equity offerings and credit facilities.

Our interval fund clients focus on several industry segments, including real estate, private credit and collateralized loan obligations. Our attorneys have also been involved in numerous conversion transactions involving interval funds, including private funds converting to an interval fund structure, the conversion of an interval fund to a publicly-traded closed-end fund and M&A transactions involving the adviser or sponsor to an interval fund.


For more information about Interval Funds please contact:

JoAnn M. Strasser, Partner
Andrew J. Davalla, Partner
Cassandra W. Borchers, Partner
Parker D. Bridgeport, Counsel

Representative Experience
  • Counseling clients on structural options available when establishing a fund.
  • Providing business planning advice.
  • Preparing and filing registration statements with the SEC and organizational documents with state authorities.
  • Providing marketing, advertising and distribution advice including the facilitation of third party diligence reviews.
  • Advising fund boards and/or independent directors/trustees on regulatory and corporate governance matters.
  • Developing and implementing compliance programs and regulatory controls.
  • Representing clients in mergers and acquisitions of investment companies, including assisting with due diligence.
  • Providing advice on the creation of new products.
  • Obtaining exemptive, no-action and similar relief from regulators.
  • Drafting and negotiating agreements with fund service providers, lenders and broker-dealer intermediaries.
  • Negotiating and evaluating investments in financial instruments, such as futures agreements, repurchase agreements, prime broker agreements, swaps and other derivatives.
  • Preparing proxy statements, post-effective amendments and various other regulatory filings.
  • Working with fund auditors, fund accountants and fund administrators.
  • Counseling clients on regulatory and business developments.
  • Responding to regulatory inquiries and assisting clients in preparing for and responding to regulatory examinations.
  • Representing clients in enforcement matters.