The term "insider threat" refers to any employee, contractor, or business partner who has direct or indirect access to an organization's information or communication technology network, systems, or data and uses that access for inappropriate, impermissible, and possibly illegal purposes. An insider threat security event is possible in any sector or organization. To mitigate insider threat risks, organizations should implement and maintain a comprehensive, insider threat program to detect and identify threats, assess and manage incidents, and recover from security events.

Thompson Hine can help develop, strengthen, and maintain your organization’s insider threat program so you can prevent, detect, and respond to malicious activity from within. We have particular experience advising on implementing programs and policies to protect trade secrets, proprietary information, confidential information, and personal information. We advise on:

  • Data Mapping & Governance
  • Trade Secret Protection Audits
  • Retaining IT Security Consultants
  • Non-Compete Evaluations
  • Asset Recovery
  • Insider Threat Training
  • Development of Key Employee Departure Protocols
  • IT Acceptable Use Policy
  • User Activity & Network Monitoring
  • Behavioral Indicators
  • Data Breach Response
  • Internal Investigations
  • Drafting Data Classification & Information Security Policies
  • Employee Termination
  • Vendor Contract Termination
  • NISPOM & Defense Contractor Compliance