Having robust, legally compliant cybersecurity and data privacy practices in place is fundamental to ensuring customer confidence and avoiding legal liabilities. It can be challenging, however, because data security and privacy laws, regulations and standards vary across industries and are constantly evolving.

Our Cybersecurity Legal Audit provides an independent assessment of your data security, governance and incident response preparedness. We perform a comprehensive analysis of your company’s cybersecurity and data privacy policies, procedures and legal governance structure to help you gauge your compliance with legal, regulatory and industrial standards and best practices. We also offer personnel training programs.

Our audit services include evaluating:

  • Data & inventory mapping
  • Legal standards & compliance
  • Cybersecurity governance structure
  • Data security protocols
  • Third party/vendor management
  • Web page & privacy notices
  • Incident response assessment

If your organization has suffered a data breach or incident, please contact us at any time (24/7) here and a Thompson Hine cybersecurity attorney will respond to you as soon as possible.