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Legal Ethics


Legal Ethics, Professional Responsibility and the Business of Law

The following is a sample of our experience in representing law firms and individual lawyers, including in trial courts, appellate courts, before disciplinary boards and in counseling matters:

  • Defending a national New York-based firm against claw-back claims asserted by the trustee of a bankrupt firm; (first case in which claw-back issue was litigated outside of bankruptcy court).
  • Defending a firm against a multimillion dollar action involving alleged conflict of interest and performance below standard of care.
  • Defending a firm in a multimillion dollar claim arising from alleged mishandling of commercial litigation.
  • Defending law firm in claim involving alleged failure to perfect security interests.
  • Defending judicial candidate against charges of violating the judicial code of ethics.
  • Defending multiple state and federal suits against multi-state law firm and partners on claims arising from municipal finance advice.
  • Defending law firm and tax partners in SEC investigation of pay-to-play transactions.
  • Defending law firm in IRS investigation of arbitrage financing transactions.
  • Representing law firm with respect to withdrawing partners and protection of firm property.
  • Defending individual lawyers in unauthorized-practice-of-law investigations.
  • Defending individual lawyers in bar discipline cases and investigations arising from alleged ethics violations.
  • Representing lawyers being investigated by the Ohio Disciplinary Counsel and Certified Grievance Committees for alleged ethical violations.
  • Defending a Cleveland-based national firm against multiple claims by clients and third parties arising from estate planning and real estate representation.
  • Defending a firm in a multimillion dollar claim for malpractice and breach of fiduciary duties arising from advice given to trustees of a substantial estate.
  • Defending a firm against a real estate malpractice claim.
  • Defending against claims alleging hundreds of millions of dollars in damages, arising from a firm’s unsuccessful prosecution of underlying case and related arbitration, including alleged errors in formation of various corporate entities.
  • Representing a firm against a claim in connection with probate of estate; established lack of any attorney-client relationship.
  • Defending a national firm against claims arising from a corporate merger transaction.
  • Defending a lawyer against claims in connection with actions as trustee of a multi-million dollar trust.
  • Defending a firm in federal class actions arising from alleged violation of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
  • Serving as expert witness on standard of care issues on behalf of a large law firm in a case arising from firm’s representation in a business partnership dispute.