Cyber Attackers Are Exploiting Coronavirus Fears

Date: March 12, 2020

Publication: Lawfare

Partner Steven G. Stransky of our Privacy and Cybersecurity group published an article entitled, “Cyber Attackers Are Exploiting Coronavirus Fears,” which can be accessed in full here.

The article discusses how organizations need to address, in addition to health and safety issues related to the coronavirus, new and evolving ancillary threats related to the disease – phishing and cyberattacks. More specifically, security firms and law enforcement officials have recently been warning organizations about phishing emails that purport to be from government health agencies, but that direct recipients to fraudulent websites or links that contain malicious software. In addition, cybercriminals have begun targeting employees’ workplace email accounts through phishing emails that pretend to be sent from senior company officials about new coronavirus-related travel and work policies, but actually contain malware. If unchecked, these cyber operations have the potential to damage business operations during an already serious health emergency.

The article is published on Lawfare (blog), which is managed by the Lawfare Institute in cooperation with the Brookings Institute.