Suspension and debarment can be the death knell for a government contractor. Over the last few years, suspensions and debarments across almost all government agencies have substantially increased. The government can impose a suspension or debarment for many reasons ranging from fraud and criminal convictions to inadequate contract performance or failure to comply with the FAR’s mandatory disclosure rules.

Our attorneys have experience with a wide range of agency suspension and debarment officials, and we advise contractors on strategies to avoid a suspension or debarment, such as negotiating administrative agreements, before any official action is taken by the government. We also work with clients to determine whether a mandatory disclosure is appropriate in order to mitigate the risk of suspension or debarment.

In addition, we are knowledgeable about collateral issues involved with suspension and debarment cases, such as parallel criminal investigations or False Claims Act allegations, enabling us to develop comprehensive strategies to address all of a client’s issues efficiently and effectively. And should the government require the engagement of a monitor, we have the requisite experience to engage and work with monitors.