In the life cycle of almost any business, the time comes when it must consider whether to engage in a significant transaction, which might include selling the business, entering the public market, and/or securing outside equity or debt financing. Regardless of the objective, these transactions share common threads, requiring both an internal and external analysis of the business itself. Our lawyers work with companies on divestiture strategies for the selling company, advising on a variety of transaction options and techniques to position the assets or company for maximum value.

The legal and “value added” business expertise that our lawyers provide at this seminal point in a company’s life cycle can be critical to any successful closing and business integration. Our advice at this embryonic stage of a transaction often includes:

  • Industry-specific "value-added" business advice drawn from expertise and experience in a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing, chemicals, supply and distribution, e-commerce, health care, financial services, retail, biotechnology and medical products.
  • Advice in crafting a step-by-step plan for successfully shepherding the company through a significant transaction, including strategic timelines; topical analyses (e.g., the handling of confidentiality concerns, internal document organization and management, tax considerations and structuring, HR, real estate, intellectual property and governmental filings); selection and engagement with investment bankers, valuation experts and other consultants.
  • Advice on structuring the transaction.
  • Representation in the management of auctions and bid processes, preparation of confidential offering memorandums, the construction and management of virtual data rooms and review of management presentations.