U.S. government agencies have noticeably increased enforcement actions – and the severity of penalties – related to violations of international trade laws. In this environment, companies must go beyond manuals on a shelf and promote a culture where trade compliance programs and processes are actively implemented throughout the organization.

Scope & Methodology. Thompson Hine will evaluate your company’s international trade and customs regulatory compliance processes against a set of recommended best practices. We will assess your efforts in three areas:

  1. Compliance Policies & Procedures – Compliance policies, training programs, third-party screening and compliance obligations, auditing, product classifications and due diligence in M&A transactions.

  2. Compliance Structure & Reporting – Administrative efficiency and effectiveness, risk management and allocation, and reporting and notifications (i.e., are the right people making the right decisions with the right information?).

  3. Functions – Company activities, which might include sales, purchasing, supply chain management, recordkeeping, shipping, engineering and manufacturing, research and development, involvement of non-U.S. nationals, use of controlled products, services and technology, and marketing including website).

Deliverables. Our International Trade Compliance Risk Evaluation will culminate in a privileged and confidential summary benchmarking your company against established best practices, providing at-a-glance feedback on strengths and weaknesses and suggesting remediation for program improvements.

A Fixed Reasonable Fee. Thompson Hine will conduct the evaluation for a fixed fee that will be determined by:

  • Your company’s size, including the number of affiliates involved.
  • The nature of your company’s business.
  • Your company’s current international trade and customs compliance policies, procedures and programs.

We will provide you a fixed-fee quote up front, in writing, before any work begins.

The Thompson Hine International Trade Practice

Our International Trade practice group is dedicated to helping clients meet the challenges of the global economy.

Clients turn to us for our experience helping companies benefit from global market opportunities and avoid liability under international trade rules. We advise domestic and foreign clients on a broad range of U.S. laws and programs affecting trade in goods and services (imports and exports) and foreign investment. We also represent clients in international trade negotiations and disputes, and assist them with trade policy matters.

We help clients that import or export goods or services avoid, e.g.:

  • Civil and criminal penalties (fines, prison time, debarment, loss of export privileges, etc.)
  • Supply chain disruption
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Tariffs, quotas and other market barriers

We use international trade rules to help clients level the global playing field by increasing access to foreign markets or remedying unfair trade practices at home. We provide strategic advice on:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Internal investigations and voluntary disclosures
  • International trade due diligence on M&A transactions
  • Enforcement actions and agency investigations
  • Court litigation
  • World Trade Organization and Free Trade Agreement negotiations and dispute settlement
  • Lobbying the U.S. and other governments