Our Patent Prosecution & Counseling team guides clients through all phases of formulating and prosecuting patent applications, from developing the idea and strategy to protection and commercialization.

Clients call on us to provide advice on complex patent clearance, licensing and related transactional matters as well as to offer strategic counsel on the unique business issues that may arise in such matters. We are particularly skilled in handling patent work in the chemical, electrical, software, medical and life sciences sectors.

Our team comprises nationally recognized patent and business lawyers who approach every issue with a focus on achieving our clients’ larger business goals. While we have prepared and prosecuted a significant number of patents worldwide, our primary focus is on helping clients develop profitable portfolios and preserve the value of their intellectual property.

As the recently passed America Invents Act brings new challenges and opportunities, our team stands ready to develop practical, innovative strategies to help clients navigate this new era of patent law. With a team of lawyers registered to represent clients before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), most having engineering or scientific degrees and previous experience as in-house counsel, we have the knowledge to provide guidance on patent law and to offer advice on implementing strategic and effective patent portfolios business practices.

We advise small businesses, global companies, individual inventors and startups on licensing, patent application drafting, and prosecution, and focus on securing our clients’ patent rights in a timely, cost-effective manner. When disputes arise, we seek resolutions that present the least amount of burden to our clients, be it in the courtroom or through out of court settlement negotiations.