Business owners, entrepreneurs and inventors across the United States and around the globe rely on us to provide opinions on the patentability of their inventions. We focus on helping clients protect their innovations and minimize the risk of costly patent litigation.

Infringement typically involves the unauthorized use or sale of a patented invention, although the definition can vary by jurisdiction. Under U.S. patent laws, courts can require the infringer to pay the patent owner’s attorney fees and increase damages to three times the amount awarded. It is important for businesses to seek counsel at the concept development phase to minimize the likelihood for potential pitfalls.

IP audits are a critical step in helping individuals and businesses protect their IP assets and ensure they are not violating the IP rights of others. Audit results can be used to identify technical challenges and prospective acquisition candidates, as well as opportunities to license or sell IP rights. Clients trust our lawyers to conduct comprehensive IP audits including freedom to operate analyses and clearance and non-infringement opinions.