Strategic Thinking. Practical Solutions.

Whether your company is weathering the effects of a global pandemic or implementing a reduction in force for any reason, it is crucial that you continue to protect your valuable intellectual property. This includes filing trademark and patent applications within the statutory deadlines, ensuring that inventors maintain accurate and proper invention disclosure records, ensuring that employees protect confidential and trade secret information while working remotely and ensuring that marketing teams launch new trademarks only after having them properly cleared by legal.

We’re here to assist. Thompson Hine has created IP Solutions, a program tailored to each company’s unique needs to mitigate the obstacles impacting our clients’ IP operations. Our services and their benefits are described below.

How Does IP Solutions Help?

IP Solutions is a comprehensive, efficient and practical approach to filing, prosecuting, managing and enforcing IP assets, including patents, trademarks, trade secrets and copyrights, throughout the world. Our goal is to create efficiencies through project volume and integrate a variety of resources and strategies to deliver high-quality, consistent work product at predictable, reasonable rates while tailoring our services to each client’s specific needs. Our comprehensive approach enables us to help clients maximize internal support systems, business operations, global protection and financial performance while mitigating statutory deadline risks across the globe.

  • Multi-disciplinary legal and subject matter knowledge
  • Experienced and flexible staffing, including lower-cost staff attorneys
  • International network of preferred law firms for seamless workflow
  • Cost predictability with fixed fee pricing
  • Proprietary SmartPaTH™ processes and tools for cost control and transparency

By uniting our IP strategies and experience with our proprietary SmartPaTH legal services approach, we provide strategic and practical solutions for managing our clients’ global IP portfolios at reasonable costs.

Services Benefits
Docketing statutory deadlines for patent and trademark cases and for IP agreements
  • Our experienced docketing team timely enters global deadlines for patent and trademark filings.
  • We periodically send docket reports that identify cases and deadlines for handling.
  • Upon request, we will docket certain deadlines and trigger dates in IP agreements with third parties.
Preparing patent and trademark availability opinions
  • Our experienced patent and trademark attorneys, including a former U.S. Patent and Trademark Office attorney, assist with preparing patent and trademark opinions.
Assisting with U.S. and global patent and trademark filings
  • We develop and implement practical, sophisticated strategies to protect valuable trademarks globally and in the United States, helping companies of all sizes build and protect valuable trademarks and brands that communicate the quality and source of their products and services.
Counseling on enforcement
  • Our experienced litigation attorneys advise on the entire life cycle of IP infringement cases. We also have the experience to understand the best possible outcome for IP litigation matters and provide practical and seasoned advice.
Other services
  • Our other services include advising on strategic IP asset management, freedom-to-operate opinions, patent strategy, trademark strategy, licensing, copyright portfolio management, trade secret protection, due diligence, IP agreements and other key IP issues.

Why IP Solutions?

Not “one size fits all”

IP Solutions draws from the full spectrum of U.S. and global intellectual property management services we offer to provide a customized approach for each client.

Dedicated, Knowledgeable Team

We develop a team based on our client’s needs. Each team member will have full knowledge of the client’s organization and industry.

Technology-Driven Service

We leverage a cohesive combination of robust proprietary and externally developed tools to ensure high levels of quality and consistency. We provide real-time reporting to keep our client apprised of the status of an individual project or an entire portfolio of IP assets.

Value-Based Pricing

We offer a variety of fee arrangements designed to maximize value for our clients. Our pricing is based on factors including case volume and complexity, with options including a blended hourly rate, a fixed fee per project, a monthly “retainer” arrangement or a fixed fee for the upfront “process review” phase.