IP litigation and dispute resolution is a particular strength of our Intellectual Property practice group. When disputes arise, businesses call on us to protect their IP rights and defend infringement claims. Whether finding ways to resolve disputes before they are litigated, aggressively trying cases in the courtroom, or providing guidance on out-of-court settlements, we deliver creative, cost-effective solutions to help clients make money from their intellectual property.

Our IP Litigation & Dispute Resolution team provides representation in civil litigation, appeals and proceedings in federal district and circuit courts and state courts, and in enforcement actions before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC). We also regularly advise on proceedings before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).

When protracted and expensive litigation can be avoided, we do just that. Our lawyers frequently achieve success in negotiating early settlement of disputes and have extensive experience in handling all forms of alternative dispute resolution including arbitration, mediation and minitrial proceedings.

Patent Litigation

We represent inventors and businesses of all sizes operating across a broad range of sectors in patent infringement cases in federal district courts and on appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Our patent litigators offer extensive experience in bringing and defending Section 337 actions before the ITC and in handling proceedings before the USPTO.

Trials and Appeals

Our lawyers have the combination of scientific and technical background and legal experience necessary to achieve successful results on both sides of the table in initial patent litigation as well as in patent appeals. We assist clients across a broad spectrum of industries in meeting their objectives in disputes related to patent licensing and infringement in federal courts, as well as in providing appellate representation and representation before the ITC.

Our familiarity with the intricacies of patent law, and understanding of the complexities related to issues most frequently subject to dispute, enables us to develop an optimal strategic approach for our clients, whether it leads to early resolution in their favor or a successful argument at trial.

Post-Grant Review Proceedings

The landscape of U.S. patent litigation has been reshaped by the America Invents Act of 2011 (AIA) in ways that will have an impact for years to come. The new procedures the AIA has created for administrative trials — including post-grant review proceedings, inter partes review, and the Transitional Program for Review of Covered Business Method Patents ­— increase opportunities for third-party patent challenges with significant savings in both time and cost.

Our lawyers’ successful record in litigating patent appeals, ex parte and inter partes proceedings, across various industries, makes our team ideally suited to advise clients on the most effective use of these new opportunities before the USPTO’s Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).

Section 337 Actions

U.S. holders of patents or other intellectual property rights who pursue or defend Section 337 actions can prevent infringing goods from entering the United States. Experience within the ITC forum is critical to reaching satisfactory results for both plaintiffs and defendants in these ITC actions.

We possess the necessary legal, technical, and procedural knowledge and experience to represent clients in these especially fast-moving investigations, in which agility of response can make all the difference in the outcome.

Trademark Litigation

When trademark and unfair competition disputes arise, we deliver creative, practical solutions to protect our clients’ brand value. Our trial lawyers regularly handle trademark and unfair competition claims in federal circuit and district courts as well as before the ITC and TTAB. We have had considerable success in negotiating early settlement agreements and out of court dispute resolutions. Whether aggressively litigating claims or resolving disputes outside the courtroom, our primary focus is on achieving the most favorable, cost-effective results for our clients.

We represent clients in a range of disputes, including those involving trademark, trade dress and service mark infringement; false advertising; Internet and digital media issues; and unfair competition. We are regularly called to litigate trademark and trade dress infringement matters in federal circuit and district courts and the TTAB.

Other IP Litigation

Clients also call on us to prosecute and defend claims of trade secret misappropriation and provide representation in copyright disputes and claims of infringement.

Whether guiding clients through the challenges of patent, trademark or other IP litigation, we assemble teams with both trial experience and technical knowledge to translate complex issues into comprehensible solutions favorable to our clients. In the courtroom, our IP lawyers are adept at simplifying complex technical issues and presenting case facts to judges and jurors in a straightforward and persuasive manner.

Drawing from a network of highly skilled IP professionals throughout the world, we have the international reach to aggressively, yet effectively defend our clients’ IP rights anywhere in the world.