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CFIUS/National Security Practice


CFIUS/National Security/Foreign Direct Investment

Examples of Our Experience

  • Representing a U.S. oil and energy company before CFIUS in a transaction involving a Chinese entity seeking a minor share of the company.
  • Representing a large European aerospace company and its U.S. subsidiaries before CFIUS and DSS in a multibillion-dollar acquisition/merger of two large aerospace companies, both with a significant presence in the United States and Europe.
  • Representing a European company before CFIUS in the acquisition of a U.S. electric motor manufacturer.
  • Advising multiple non-U.S. energy investors on the national security risks associated with investment in generation, transmission and pipeline projects to assist the investors in determining whether to make a voluntary notification to CFIUS.
  • Representing a Japanese company before CFIUS in the acquisition of a company providing technical services to semiconductor manufacturers.
  • Representing a Spanish company in the acquisition of a U.S. security services company.
  • Facilitating an informal discussion with administration and congressional officials on behalf of a U.S. company involved in commercial satellite launches to analyze and review a contemplated transaction involving investment by a Russian entity.
  • Representing a European government-owned energy developer before CFIUS in multiple sales of renewable energy assets to other European, Canadian and Middle Eastern investors.
  • Representing a Chinese pharmaceutical company in the acquisition of a U.S. pharmaceutical developer.
  • Counseling a European company on the multibillion-dollar acquisition of a global manufacturing line from another non-U.S. company with significant U.S. operations.
  • Representing a U.S. telecommunications equipment provider in the multibillion-dollar sale of its business line to a European company.
  • Obtaining CFIUS clearance for the sale to German and Russian entities of a U.S. company holding rights for worldwide commercial marketing and sales of commercial launch vehicles.
  • Obtaining CFIUS clearance for the acquisition of a U.S. communications company by a U.S. subsidiary of a Japanese company.
  • Advising a U.S. subsidiary of a Japanese company on FOCI mitigation measures, developing compliance programs and coordinating with DSS so the U.S. subsidiary could pursue contracts with the U.S. government that involved classified information.
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