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Climate Change & Sustainable Business Solutions


Climate Change & Sustainable Business Solutions

Our team’s experience is derived from extensive work with clients in various sectors, including electric utilities, independent power producers, manufacturers, municipalities and colleges and universities, as well as members of the real estate, transportation, construction and financial communities. In addition, our lawyers take active and leadership roles working on various issues related to climate change and sustainability with a number of real estate and industrial trade groups, the American Bar Association, national trade associations and the U.S. Green Building Council.

Representative Experience

  • Climate law and policy – greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards and strategies, counseling and implementation in federal and state arenas.
  • Renewable energy – project development, contracting, regulation and project finance for wind, solar, landfill gas, biofuels, hydro, geothermal and biothermal facilities.
  • Clean technology – protection, licensing, marketing, labeling, investment and commercialization of innovative alternative and renewable energy projects, water and wastewater treatment technologies, and environmental remediation technologies.
  • Managing air emissions – permitting, securing and trading emission credits, enforcement and pollution control planning.
  • Carbon management – carbon footprints, financing and trading, offsets, carbon credit contracting, storage, legislative and regulatory analysis with risk management consultations.
  • Product stewardship/chemical regulation – secure regulatory approvals for new products, formulations and chemicals under TSCA, FIFRA; counsel concerning international and emerging chemical-specific mandates.
  • Green buildings – land use, LEED certifications, construction, land re-use and brownfields, regulatory and incentives for special technologies in the building and construction sectors.
  • Regulatory advice and counsel – environmental, energy, international trade, transportation and emissions trading implicating GHG emissions, supply chain management and proactive practices.
  • Corporate governance and disclosure – develop codes of corporate social responsibility and climate change policies and counsel on applicable SEC disclosure requirements and voluntary reports.
  • Efficiency, demand side management and smart metering for electricity – arising under federal, state and local policies providing carbon management benefit.
  • Litigation, defense counsel – on emerging issues of GHG law, traditional environmental law, nuisance, products liability and applications in federal and state venues.
  • Transportation and supply chain management – at a company, city, county or state-wide level working with critical national transportation precedents.
  • International trade and global sourcing – WTO compatibility of climate legislation, strategies for trade in environmental goods and services, global competitiveness, trade measures/dispute settlement and international project development.
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