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Customer & Supplier Issues


Customer & Supplier Issues

  • Eastman Kodak Company (Southern District of New York). Representation of major health care provider in bankruptcy of one of the world’s leading material science companies.
  • CEP Holdings, LLC (Northern District of Ohio). Representation of major auto manufacturer in bankruptcy of automotive parts supplier.
  • NewPage Corporation (District of Delaware).  Representation of preference defendants in bankruptcy of coated paper manufacturer.
  • Weirton Steel Corp. (Northern District of West Virginia). Representation of lessor of steam generation facility in bankruptcy of steel manufacturer.
  • Temroc Metals, Inc. (District of Delaware).  Representation of counter-party to executory agreements in bankruptcy of metals manufacturer.
  • Borders Group, Inc. (Southern District of New York).  Defense of preference defendants in bankruptcy of national book store chain.
  • SLM Trans, Inc. (Southern District of Illinois).  Representation of insurance provider in bankruptcy of national transportation company.