Employment Legislation Outlook

Upcoming Changes to State Laws

Date: March 02, 2020

With new state employment laws continuously being enacted, it can be challenging to keep up on each change and ensure that your policies and practices are compliant. We have your solution.

This monthly digest is designed to keep you apprised of upcoming major state law changes in areas including paid sick and safe leave laws, family and parental leave, recreational and medicinal marijuana use, workplace gun laws, asking candidates about salary history and unpredictable scheduling.

Here’s what’s on the horizon:

March 2020

  • Pittsburgh paid sick leave law effective March 15.

May 2020

  • New York City ban on pre-employment testing for marijuana effective May 10.

July 2020

  • Chicago predictive scheduling law applicable to large employers in seven industry sectors effective July 1. 
  • California extends paid family leave benefits from 6 to 8 weeks effective July 1.
  • New Jersey expands paid family leave benefits effective July 1.?
  • Toledo, Ohio salary history ban effective July 4.
  • New Jersey mandates severance pay in the event of a mass layoff effective July 19.
  • Washington state requirements to prevent and track workplace violence at medical facilities effective July 1.
  • Bernalillo County, New Mexico paid time off law effective July 1.

August 2020

  • Illinois school conference and activity leave requirement changes go into effect. 

October 2020

  • Paid parental leave for federal workers effective October 1.


  • Connecticut paid family leave deductions begin January 1.
  • Maine paid sick and family emergency leave effective January 1.
  • Colorado salary history ban effective January 1.


  • Oregon paid family leave contributions required January 1.
In case you missed it:

January 2020

  • California expanded lactation accommodation requirements and additional unpaid organ donation leave effective January 1. 
  • California statute legislating "ABC Test" for contractors effective January 1. 
  • California bans mandatory arbitration agreements and expands required sexual harassment training effective January 1. 
  • California protection against discrimination based on hair texture under definition of “race” effective January 1. 
  • Illinois legalizes recreational marijuana effective January 1. 
  • Illinois Workplace Transparency Act, which affects harassment laws and training requirements, effective January 1. 
  • Washington paid family leave law benefits available starting January 1. 
  • Duluth, Minnesota paid sick leave law effective January 1. 
  • Nevada paid sick leave law effective January 1. 
  • Oregon Employer Accommodation for Pregnancy Act effective January 1. 
  • New Jersey salary history ban effective January 1. 
  • New York salary history ban effective January 10.
What to Watch:

Possible Legislation on the Horizon

The legislative session is still new, but be on the lookout for the following bills that are percolating:

  • New York and Virginia are considering statewide paid sick leave laws.
  • New York is also considering anti-bullying legislation, a new bill that would impose restrictions on covered employers’ ability to schedule employees in certain industries and a law that would expand employees’ access to their personnel files. 
  • The legislatures in Colorado and Pennsylvania are discussing statewide paid family leave programs.