Clients turn to our trademark lawyers for assistance with securing, commercializing and enforcing their valuable brands in the United States and abroad. We help individual entrepreneurs and businesses ranging from startups backed by venture capital to multinational entities build strong brands and exploit and maintain their existing assets in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. When unanticipated barriers or issues arise, we have the experience needed to provide a cost-effective solution while minimizing future exposure.

Our trademark lawyers provide guidance on product configuration, packaging and other related trade dress rights and collaborate with clients to maximize their ability to enforce those rights. Owners of prominent brands also call on us to monitor and effectively address improper third-party uses that could lead to “genericide” of their marks.

We manage nearly 7,000 active trademark properties worldwide and focus on all aspects of domestic and international trademark, including counseling, clearance for use and registration, licensing and enforcement. Clients benefit from our pragmatic advice regarding potential infringement of their brands, as well as guidance on avoiding conflicts with their competitors.

Our lawyers also help clients exploit and police their marks, and have extensive experience in working with US Customs to block infringing imports at the border. We regularly handle trademark and unfair competition claims in federal circuit and district courts as well as before the International Trade Commission and the USPTO Trademark and Trial and Appeal Board. We have had considerable success in negotiating early settlement agreements and out of court dispute resolutions.

Our trademark lawyers routinely provide counsel on domain strategies and acquisitions, and have substantial experience in recovering domain names from cybersquatters. Entrepreneurs and businesses also rely on us for advice on Internet and digital media issues, including ICANN proceedings.

International Experience

Outside the United States, we help clients identify key markets where brand protection is essential, and help navigate intricate, widely varied local requirements to secure the protection best suited for each specific jurisdiction. Since expansion in new territories can require forging new relationships with unknown distributors, licensees or franchisees, we also work to ensure our clients’ trademark and other IP rights remain protected if a new (or established) relationship fails. Our focused, proactive approach is critical in identifying and addressing issues that could otherwise stall or even derail a product launch or market expansion.

Scope of Services

We have extensive experience in all areas of US and international trademark prosecution, counseling and enforcement. We routinely:

  • Counsel clients on domestic and international branding strategy and initial mark selection.
  • Conduct and analyze trademark searches and provide clearance opinions.
  • Prepare, file and prosecute trademark applications in the United States and abroad.
  • Review client-generated content for trademark issues, and provide guidance on proper use.
  • Perform portfolio audits to identify potential cost savings as well as gaps in protection.
  • Negotiate and draft license agreements and agreements to acquire third-party rights.
  • Conduct due diligence, negotiate and provide trademark related transaction support in the areas of asset disposition, mergers and acquisitions, securitization and monetization, joint ventures, IP holding companies, and related tax issues.
  • Prosecute and defend oppositions, cancellations and ex parte appeals before both the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and foreign authorities.
  • Develop global enforcement programs, police client brands, and coordinate seizures, raids and infringement actions with local authorities.
  • Address Internet-related issues such as domain name disputes or unauthorized uses on third-party sites like YouTube or Facebook.
  • Enforce and defend client rights in trademark infringement, dilution, counterfeiting, false advertising, unfair competition and related litigation in the United States and abroad.