Our Land Use & Real Estate Litigation lawyers advise and represent clients in matters, claims and defenses relating to the use of land before, during and after development. We have a proven track record of success in guiding individuals and public and private entities through contract negotiations, administrative filings, due diligence activities and courtroom battles.

We protect and pursue the interests of a diverse group of clients in hundreds of matters across the country. The institutions we have represented include property owners, utility companies, realtors and developers, state and local governments, hospitals, churches, commercial companies and public schools. We provide counsel related to acquisition and development, condemnation, land use and zoning, environmental concerns, infrastructure, procurement and purchasing matters, real estate litigation, lease disputes, eminent domain, tax valuation disputes and historic preservation.

We have the experience and vision to achieve effective solutions and meet our clients’ objectives. We frequently affiliate with local counsel to assist us in implementing a strategy to advance our clients’ interests at the community level. Our results are often based on a critical understanding of local politics, public and private attitudes and corporate governance and control. This awareness aids our appearances before governmental commissions and agencies and planning and zoning boards so that we may protect our clients’ reputations in high-profile cases and seek concrete and clear rulings that prevent future litigation.