Real Estate

With respect to oil and gas and other energy-related projects, our real estate lawyers have represented clients for many years on a variety of projects involving oil and gas and other energy sources.

Representative Experience
  • Represented an acquirer of interests in thousands of oil and gas leases in Ohio related to Marcellus shale exploration and development.
  • Represented a retail developer in the evaluation of an oil and gas leasing program, including advice on the negotiation of drilling and non-drilling oil and gas leases, development of a lease template, development of a review template for title and loan documents, REAs and leases and summary memo form, and preparation of review packages for numerous sites.
  • Represented a property owner in acquiring oil and gas interests encumbering rural tracts.
  • Represented a nonprofit organization in negotiating several oil and gas leases on campgrounds.
  • Represented property owners in negotiating oil and gas leases.
  • Represented a major alternative energy company in solar ground leases for utility-class facilities in California, Arizona, New Jersey and Toronto.
  • Represented a client in the reconstruction of 40 miles of electric transmission lines across vacant land, commercial properties and private residences. The diverse landscape created more than 60 eminent domain cases covering a range of issues, including the impact of electromagnetic fields upon nearby property value, the assignment of proceeds from the sale of timber cut for the right-of-way, the usefulness of a severed portion of property and constitutional challenges. Many matters were settled by our challenge of property owners’ appraisers and their methodologies, while a minimal number of courtroom trials were resolved pre-verdict.
  • Advised the owner in restructuring the ownership of two wind farms in California, including structuring the ownership to meet FERC requirements for utility ownership and to support acquisition in the $58 million transaction.
  • Provided counsel related to equity investment for an ethanol facility in the Southeast, a biomass plant in New Hampshire, a wind farm in New York and a wind farm in New Hampshire for joint development, equity contribution and debt term sheets drafting and development.