We have on-point experience in the natural resources arena, both inside and outside government and oil and gas companies. We deal effectively with federal, state and local regulations and laws concerning the exploitation of natural resources, including oil and gas production, coal mining and reclamation, and the mining of other industrial minerals. Our experience includes counseling related to:

  • Permits for oil and gas wells, and for coal and industrial mineral extraction operations
  • Administrative appeals from the issuance or denial of oil and gas wells
  • Coal and industrial mineral permits
  • Administrative orders directed at noncompliance with regulatory requirements pertaining to oil and gas production
  • Coal mining and industrial minerals extraction
  • Governmental enforcement litigation against oil and gas well operators
  • Coal and industrial minerals operations
  • Legal challenges to agency rule-making
  • Not-in-my-backyard litigation mounted by citizen or neighbor groups against coal, industrial mineral, or oil and gas production facilities, whether under statutory or common law (e.g., nuisance, trespass, ultra-hazardous activity) theories
Additional Information

We have represented clients in the oil and gas industry for many years. We bring an added dimension to our counsel in this area of the law that few other firms can provide. In addition to lawyers who have spent their careers in private law firm practices, our group includes those who have served as in-house counsel to corporations involved in natural resource exploration and production as well as counsel to regulatory agencies, including the Ohio Division of Mineral Resources Management. For example, one of our lawyers helped write Ohio’s "C" surface mining law, as well as the (then) Ohio Division of Reclamation implementing regulations, and shepherded both through the approval process overseen by the Federal Office of Surface Mining. Another lawyer is the former general counsel for an Ohio oil and gas company.

Representative Experience
  • Representing producers in regulatory matters, as well as in litigation involving rights and obligations under operating and joint venture agreements.
  • Negotiating mineral leases and providing advice on all legal aspects of mineral asset acquisitions and divestitures.
  • Advising on Ohio law issues for a company that purchased substantial shale assets.
  • Consulting with landowners and developers in relation to the leasing of mineral interests to producers.
  • Writing Ohio’s Surface Coal Mining C laws and regulations.
  • Serving as hearing officer for Ohio Division of Minerals Resources Management.
  • Serving as chief counsel to the legislative Board on Unreclaimed Strip-Mined Lands.
  • Representing the Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma in Lake Erie fishing rights litigation against the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.
  • Representing the state of Ohio in litigation challenging the U.S. Department of the Interior’s initial natural resource damage regulations.
  • Litigating injunctive remedies available to ODMR for violations of Ohio’s industrial minerals permitting scheme.
  • Advising a mining client regarding reclamation obligations under Ohio’s surface mining laws.
  • Representing clients in enforcement litigation involving brine spills and releases, and the failure to reclaim brine pits at active oil and gas production sites in Ohio.
  • Representing a client in a fish kill case involving brine releases from a brine pit.