Companies that regularly operate trucks run the risk every day of being involved in potentially serious accidents. Although you cannot avoid this risk, you can take steps to effectively manage it. This is the service provided by the Thompson Hine Motor Carriers Emergency Response Team: effective and immediate protection of your interests in the event one of your company’s trucks is involved in an accident in the state of Ohio.

The Thompson Hine Motor Carriers Emergency Response Team (MCERT) service provides immediate access to the experienced lawyers and accident reconstruction experts in our four offices in the state of Ohio. Our teams are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We cover the entire state and can be at the scene of an accident within 90 minutes. Once on the scene, our teams immediately begin gathering pertinent facts and evidence, while at the same time formulating and evaluating your company’s defenses, which may reduce or eliminate your company’s liability for potentially devastating injuries.

There are no retainers or fees to pre-pay for membership in the Thompson Hine Motor Carriers Emergency Response Team program; you will enjoy immediate, 24/7 coverage while paying nothing upfront. You pay for services only when you need us – when one of your trucks is involved in a serious accident and your company's exposure to liability depends upon an immediate and experienced analysis of the facts and your potential defenses.

Once you enroll, access to our service requires only one phone call to our Team Coordinator when an accident occurs. This single call will mobilize our team to the accident site, providing your company with the advantages of:

  • An immediate assessment of the accident by an experienced accident reconstruction expert and litigation attorney.
  • The preservation of perishable evidence that could limit or potentially eliminate your company's exposure to liability.
  • The assistance of an experienced litigation attorney at the accident site to guide your driver through inquiries by law enforcement.
  • Active participation in the investigation with law enforcement authorities, which increases the possibility that the police report will contain facts crucial to your defense, putting your company in a better position for any subsequent civil proceedings.
  • The identification of key witnesses and the collection of vital evidence from those witnesses while their recall is most fresh. This preserves testimony that may be crucial to your defense, and tends to prevent witnesses from changing their stories.
  • An immediate, first-hand evaluation of potential plaintiffs, including any outward signs of injury. Our team specifically seeks out potential plaintiffs for interview so that any injuries they report are recorded before they have an opportunity to obtain counsel and develop additional injuries after consultation with a retained physician.

If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please contact:

Tony White
Motor Carriers Emergency Response Team Coordinator
Office: 614.469.3235 | Mobile: 614.354.2014