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  • Representing general contractors in multimillion-dollar claims in connection with a U.S. Embassy project in Southeast Asia. Claims related to defective bridging documents, differing site conditions, geotechnical issues, and extensive changes arising from owner-agency’s direction to change design in design/build contract through comment and review process. Delay and impact claims were also involved.
  • Representing the prime contractor in an AAA ICDR arbitration against the primary subcontractor involving work performed in Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico. The dispute, which involved changed conditions, delays and impacts relating to incomplete and defective work performed by the subcontractor, was successfully resolved prior to hearing.
  • Representing a mechanical subcontractor in a dispute with a design/builder involving deficient and uncoordinated design issues in connection with a military facility in eastern Africa. Our engagement involved preparing, presenting and prosecuting the claim. The case was resolved following claim submission and direct negotiations.
  • Serving as counsel to a joint venture of American and Israeli companies that constructed a $125 million storage base for the Israeli Defense Force and the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Represented the joint venture in the preparation, prosecution and successful appeal of $40 million in delay, impact, defective/impossible specifications, changes and differing site conditions/geotechnical claims against the U.S. government.
  • Representing the general contractor in a dispute with a steel fabrication subcontractor involving an embassy project in Brussels under American Arbitration Association Construction Industry Rules. The case, which involved delays, extended performance costs, defective shop drawings and misfabricated and late delivered structural steel, resulted in a successful decision for the client following a week-long hearing.
  • Serving as counsel to an American contractor that constructed a tank shooting range for the Kuwaiti Defense Force under a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contracting vehicle. Representation consisted of preparing and settling claims involving defective specification, changes and delays.
  • Representing a large husbanding contractor on various contract matters in South America, Central America and Europe.
  • Representing a food services contractor on issues involving the delivery of food and supplies in the Afghanistan and Iraq theaters.
  • Representing a satellite services provider for U.S. military MWR (morale, welfare and recreation) facilities in the Iraq theater.
  • Serving as counsel on numerous bid protests before the U.S. Government Accountability Office relating to government contracts around the world.