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White-Collar Defense

Our experience includes numerous trial, plea and sentencing matters, including:

  • Winning acquittal in federal court of a general manager of an international construction company charged with conspiracy and Hobbs Act violations arising from efforts to obtain a $26 million energy performance contract. Our client was the only person acquitted of all charges arising from a high-profile public corruption scandal.
  • Securing the mid-trial dismissal of all charges against a retired FBI supervisor charged with four counts of murder while he was an FBI agent.
  • Winning the acquittal of the owner of tugboats and barges in a federal criminal prosecution alleging illegal discharges of municipal waste into a public waterway.
  • Winning the acquittal of the owner of an onshore oil tank facility in a federal criminal prosecution alleging illegal storage of PCB-contaminated oil.
  • Winning the acquittal of an insurance executive after an 11-month trial on criminal antitrust charges
  • Securing dismissal of securities fraud claims alleging failure to disclose a scheme to avoid import duties and faulty internal controls against the CFO of a publicly traded company.
  • Winning acquittal on all charges for the defendant in a New Jersey fuel sales tax case following a seven-month trial.
  • Securing dismissal of a federal criminal indictment and resolution of a proceeding filed against the CEO of a publicly traded company after prevailing on motions to suppress seized evidence in a precedent-setting decision.
  • Securing pretrial dismissal of the federal wire fraud indictment of a nationally known hedge fund analyst charged with multimillion-dollar theft and embezzlement.
  • Winning a jury verdict acquitting a construction executive of all charges in a federal corruption and fraud prosecution (only defendant to win acquittal of 60+ charged).
  • Winning reversal of convictions in the “Amish Beard Cutting” cases, the first cases brought in the United States under the Hate Crimes Prevention Act for religiously motivated violence.
  • Leading a team conducting FCPA and anticorruption due diligence in connection with the acquisition of a multinational telecommunications company with operations in 70 countries, including Africa, Asia, Russia and South America.
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