We advise on water issues related to the development and financing of power generation facilities, clean technology and renewable energy projects. We work with cutting-edge leaders in the development of energy efficiency technologies and the sustainable use of water resources. Our clients include developers, manufacturers, service providers and investors in projects involving electric power plants, water supply and wastewater treatment facilities and distribution utility systems including water pipelines. We provide guidance on regulatory approvals and processes required to conduct business, including operating approvals, ratemakings, certificates of public convenience and necessity, easements, rights of way and permits. Our experience with energy production projects includes water-based and related technologies such as hydropower, tidal, ocean wave, and onshore and offshore wind. We represent clients in every aspect of energy project development, from obtaining licenses, permits and approvals to structuring ownership relationships, tax planning, tax credit utilization, grants, power purchases, sales and interconnection agreements, and utility and asset privatizations.

Representative Experience
  • Negotiating vendor supply and IT contracts for water supply operations. Developed contracts and negotiated a 20-year water supply agreement for a 525 MW power plant in Oklahoma.
  • Developing a contract and negotiating a 15-year water supply agreement for a 200 Mg/years ethanol production plant in Colorado.
  • Advising and counseling on feasibility study and energy management plant review for a cogeneration facility in a municipal solar, waste resources and water treatment facility in Michigan.
  • Advising and counseling in a rate case for electricity demand charges, riders and rate relief for municipal water treatment facilities in multiple counties in Michigan.
  • Counseling on the development, commercial contracting and financing of an energy facility for the treatment of sludge as a qualifying cogeneration facility in New York.
  • Counseling on a lagoon farms project for development, emissions credit and power sales in Ohio to clear up water waste flows for compliance purposes with power and carbon credit structuring for a project selling credit values to an investor-owned utility.
  • Advising a Northeastern hydropower developer on the licensing and permitting of municipal hydroelectric plants.
  • Counseling a startup company developing innovative hydrogen on-demand technology utilizing water in the combustion process for increased performance in diesel engines.
  • Advising developers of a proposed offshore wind project on financing and regulatory authorization matters.
  • Advising on hydropower vendor contracts for the refurbishment of an operating hydroelectric facility in Michigan.