Enactment of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 has presented a range of extremely complex and wide-reaching issues that affect many types of businesses across the board. For public and private companies, financial institutions, investment advisers, insurance companies and any organization that does business with these types of companies on a regular basis, this financial regulation is impacting how that business is conducted.

We closely and continually monitor the activity around this act and inform our clients promptly of any potential changes that will be required. Consequences of the act may prove to be unintended, and staying on top of developments helps us keep our clients informed and prepared.

We have experience decoding and simplifying complex legislation such as this act and the forthcoming regulations related to it. Our work with clients on similar matters in the past, including the whistleblower act and the complex infrastructure stimulus package passed in 2009, have honed our ability to protect our clients and help them stay compliant with ever-changing rules from Washington.