Thompson Hine’s Crisis Management lawyers help companies with proactive planning to reduce the likelihood of costly and disruptive crises and to increase the chances of responding effectively if “the worst” occurs.

Many organizations “incubate” their worst nightmares. All it takes to bring about the unimaginable is one internal or external spark, such as:

  • Accident/fire/explosion
  • Employee misconduct
    (embezzlement, fraud,
    media leak, etc.)
  • Government search warrant/
  • Hostile takeover attempt
  • Information loss/security breach/technology failure
  • Labor strike
  • Large lawsuit
  • Loss of significant supplier
    or customer
  • Product recall
  • Product tampering
  • Regulatory compliance failure
  • Reputation attack/rumors
  • Sabotage
  • Terrorist act
  • Toxic substance leak
  • Weather event
  • Workplace violence

Business continuity planning, including conducting a business impact analysis (BIA), allows an organization to be more prepared to face a crisis. Moreover, companies can derive tangible benefits from advance planning, including improved compliance with regulatory requirements, reduced exposure to civil or criminal liability, reduced insurance premiums, protection of shareholder value, operational resilience, avoidance of liability and protection of the physical and knowledge assets of the business.

Our experienced crisis management team can help evaluate an organization’s risks, prepare response plans, select any necessary consultants, train employees, maintain the plans’ viability, manage ongoing risk assessments and plan updates and ensure compliance with ISO 22301 (if the organization chooses to comply).