Executive Member Virtual Roundtable: SOC of the Future

Many of us are making decisions about what portion of security operations to continue in-house versus farming out to third parties. With the advent of so many SaaS solutions in security that offer some form of service for a fee, will the need for staff decline? Is this helping relieve the eternal talent shortage issue? Come find out what other members are doing to SOC In or SOC Out.

The shortage of qualified information security talent and the increase in attacks has forced many to seek support from third party managed security services to support their SOC or even be their SOC. Those providers suffer the same shortage of resources as we do. The services those providers offer is changing too as some become managed detection and response (MDR) services and some have even "productized" their tools and dashboards to keep up with the changing demands of clients. So, how will this work? Will artificial intelligence and machine learning step up to make our limited resources more effective? Can orchestration and automation get us to the point that we get even with or ahead of the attackers? Will the SOC be ours or will we still rely on third party providers? In this series, we will look at the state of security operations and what the future holds for it.

Topics we will likely discuss:

  • Current state of SecOps
  • How bad is the resource shortage?
  • Ways to make up for the talent gap
  • What other resources internally can we use?
  • How are the MSSPs and MDRs doing so far?
  • Can we find the "SOC in a box" solution?
  • Have AI and ML made sufficient gains or is this mostly still hype and marketware?
  • Is SIEM keeping up?
  • Build or buy the SOC?

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