Cloud Security & DevSecOps

Most of our members tell us their companies are in multiple clouds. Managing security across the multi-cloud environment is incredibly challenging. Just finding the right people that know how to configure each cloud environment properly is a huge challenge let alone getting all the right security controls in place. Join us to learn more effective ways to secure your multi-cloud environment in our fourth series of the year.

One thing has become very clear about cloud migration - it can be a huge security risk. We've seen some significant data leaks pri-marily as a result of misconfiguration of cloud components. Along with cloud migration has come the evolution of devops (notice the absence of "sec"). Suddenly developers are also network archi-tects, server experts, and security novices. This is not a good combination and leaves a lot to chance. We must do better.

In this series we will learn about ways to avoid being the victims of poorly configured cloud workloads and unaware developers. Topics likely to be discussed in this series include:

  • Injecting security into the DevOps cycle
  • Securing cloud migrations and deployments
  • Container security
  • How to find and retain DevSecOps resources
  • Solutions that help monitor cloud security
  • Application security
  • Giving security tools to the developers
  • The role of configuration management in DevOps and cloud man-agement
  • Role of vulnerability management in cloudsec and devops
  • Bridging the gap between Dev, Ops, and Security (security champi-ons on development teams)

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