Security and Third-Party Risk Visibility & Reporting

Most CISOs believe that everything worth reporting on must first be measured. We must show trends and prove that our investments in security solutions are working and that our security program is maturing. In this final series of the year we will look at measuring, quantifying, and reporting cyber risk in more meaningful ways to the business.

How do we visualize, quantify, and report the security risks of our people, systems, apps, third- parties, and data? What reportable metrics show we are effectively managing risk?

Security Controls Covered: SIEM, GRC, Third Party Risk Scoring

Risk is the key word we use when talking to the business. Yet the translation of security risk to how it impacts the business has been a constant challenge. Too often, we report things that seem relevant to the business but are ultimately too technical and focus on vulnerability and not risk. We struggle to understand all the risks of our people, systems, apps, and data. We have tried multiple dashboards and risk scoring techniques and we still are struggling to convey security risk the right way.

In this series, we will talk about methods and best practices to see all of our security risks, rank those risks, and report them better as business risks.

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