Data Protection: Governance, Privacy, and Security Controls

It's called a “data breach” for a reason as our adversaries work to exfiltrate whatever data they see having value. Our organizations look to us to set the program and rules for protecting that data. We have to build out a program that can keep that data in our hands and not in the wrong hands. Join us this series to find out what your peers are up to in their data protection efforts.

What does an effective data governance program look like and how do we measure success? What are the necessary controls to put in place to make our data available, secure, and its usage in line with privacy regulations?

Security Controls Covered: Data Protection (Structured & Unstructured), Data Classification, DLP, CASB, Encryption,Third-Party Data Visibility, and UEBA

There is a core tension in our organizations over the use of data. The business wants to collect it all. Security and Privacy do not. Data is “king”, data is the “new oil”, and other phrases have become commonplace as our businesses try to grow using more data and advanced analytics. Yet, privacy regulations have emerged at country, state, and local levels pushing us to provide greater control and visibility. These forces collide to create a data governance challenge for the CISO.

In this series we will work together to develop practical approaches to governing data to ensure that both privacy and security can be achieved and that we enable the business to use data safely and appropriately.

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