The Law@Work — Fall 2015

Date: December 09, 2015

Publication: Thompson Hine Newsletter

Read The Law@Work to stay current on Labor & Employment issues that impact public and private companies on a local, regional and global basis. Articles include:

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

  • OSHA’s Increased Potential Fines & Decreased Deference

Fair Labor Standards Act

  • How to Prepare for Potential Changes in the Overtime Regulations

Affordable Care Act

  • The ACA Is Here to Stay: Prepare for the Cadillac Tax

National Labor Relations Board

  • NLRB OKs Electronic Union Card Signatures


  • Changes from DOS & USCIS Create Uncertainty & Confusion for Those Pursuing Permanent Residency

Ohio Workers’ Compensation

  • Timing of Work Rule Violation Critical to Eligibility for Disability Compensation