In the ADR process, it is critical that the arbitrator, mediator or third-party neutral be experienced in litigation generally, but also knowledgeable in the relevant subject area. Frank R. DeSantis has decades of experience trying cases in all forums, on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants, and on an extremely broad set of topics, including:

  • Business Divorce
  • Business Torts
  • Class Actions
  • Competition Law
  • Construction
  • Contracts
  • Domestic Relations
  • Fiduciary Duty
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance Recovery
  • Intellectual Property
  • Labor & Employment
  • Legal Malpractice
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Personal Injury
  • Probate
  • Product Liability
  • Real Estate
  • Temporary Restraining
    Orders & Other
    Equitable Cases

Frank has been involved in ADR and/or acted as neutrals in these types of cases and many others, and is an authority on both the nonbinding outcomes (negotiation, mediation and settlement conferences) and the binding outcomes (arbitration and trial) that are available.

In addition, when the stakes are high in terms of monetary amounts or emotional issues, experienced mediators like Frank can invest the necessary time to provide perspective about a matter and break through barriers when judges cannot.

Thompson Hine LLP is a one-stop shop for all phases of ADR, including early neutral case evaluation, mediation and arbitration. Frank is a proven trial lawyer who produces correct and fair ADR results.