Pro Mach, Inc.

Dealmakers for Every Acquisition Strategy

Problem:  Private equity platform company Pro Mach, Inc. has a mandate to grow through acquisitions of other companies involved in manufacturing, supplying and servicing automated consumer packaging equipment.  The acquisitions may be made in the United States, Canada and overseas.  Pro Mach’s strategy involves acquiring companies with sales revenue generally between $10 million and $50 million. Costs are a concern given the size of the deals, but transactions in that range often involve legal and technical issues every bit as complex and challenging as much larger ones.  

Solution: We work closely with Pro Mach to deliver closed deals on time and on budget by using a variety of Thompson Hine techniques, including:

  • Assembling a dedicated team of professionals who know the company’s business
  • Spending the time needed to understand Pro Mach’s business and strategy so that we can focus on business-critical issues in due diligence and negotiations
  • Maintaining strong working relationships with company personnel
  • Cultivating solid relationships with third-party transaction advisers, such as tax consultants, forensic accountants and environmental engineers
  • Working closely with foreign counsel to control costs on cross-border transactions
  • Using standardized transaction structures and documentation

Our approach allows us to help Pro Mach implement its core acquisition strategy, delivering projects on time and cost effectively, and enhancing shareholder value, completing 16 transactions in the past seven years.