Susan Allyn - Secretary - Cleveland

I came to Thompson Hine after being away from the corporate workplace for 12 years. When I joined the secretarial staff, the firm provided extensive training to bring my technical skills up to speed with the legal profession. The secretaries at Thompson Hine provide a valuable and respected contribution to the legal staff and our dedication to providing superior service is recognized by our lawyers, our management and our clients. As we try our best to respond to the challenging workloads of our lawyers, we have developed a team approach that allows us to meet client expectations every day. The team concept has built strong working relationships, and we can count on each other to assist in any crisis moments. I have worked at Thompson Hine for over 20 years, and I am pleased to work with extremely talented lawyers and support staff. Thompson Hine stands tall with its fine tradition of excellent client service. Our team environment makes client satisfaction our highest priority.


Jayne Burk - Paralegal - Dayton

I started with a law firm in Dayton in 1988 as second shift word processor with no legal experience. In 1989, the firm merged with Thompson Hine. My original plan was to stay a year, complete my associate's degree, and then find a job in my chosen field of art. However, I discovered that I enjoyed the challenges provided by the legal field, not to mention a strong desire to be able to pay for food and rent. I have held many different positions over the years and currently work as an IP Assistant handling trademarks. The work is challenging and rewarding, plus the teamwork is outstanding. Also, Thompson Hine has provided me with many learning opportunities, including attending out-of-state conferences and seminars. The firm is committed to providing superior client service and lives up to the statements in its client service pledge.